Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Muy Bonita'!

My Spanish is a bit shaky but Very Beautiful was our annual trip to Mexico this year. I was a little scared taking Grace so soon after bringing her home (customs, first vacation, water, water and more water, strange bed etc...). When am I going to learn to stop being afraid and live in the moment? We had such an amazing trip. Grace was an absolute gem and had such a fun time. She was wonderful on the airplane and entertained people with her new laugh, smile and famous parade wave. My wonderful husband stayed at home to work/play/golf and we went with my Mother. Everything about the trip was a blast. We had so much fun running with Grace on the beach in her new fancy, smancy stroller. We took fun adventures everyday and played in the water all day too. Grace took her naps under the shade umbrellas everyday (just like my other 3 kids have done in years past), that's when I would kick back, put on the sunscreen and relax! My other three hoodlems ran amuk entertaining themselves and playing hard. We spent 7 days 6 nights with the culmination being Mother's Day. My kids shopped with my Mom and bought me a darling heart necklace and made me the greatest card ever. My Mom and I totally enjoyed the day of NO COOKING or entertaining anyone except ourselves. We ate breakfast on the porch and lunch at the beach and dinner on the beach. What a wonderful trip. I have posted a few pics of the trip and can't wait to go back! This post would not be complete without me telling a quick tidbit about Grace - She was a movie star in Mexico. Seriously people (strangers) would stop me on the street, in the stores at restaurants to hold her, kiss her and take her picture. I felt like.... Madonna.... well sort-of, you know what I mean. My 8 year old son got so sick of it he would walk away and say "not again". I thought about charging people to take a look but that has got to be illegal - RIGHT? Hmmmm